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How much does a Building Survey Cost?

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

House Survey Cost

We are often asked the price to undertake a House Survey and so we decided to discuss some of the factors that can contribute towards the cost of undertaking one.

In the UK, a house surveyor is generally referred to as a building surveyor and a house survey is normally called a building survey. (We have a instant online quote page which gives you a rough fee proposal for the house surveys we undertake in case you wanted to jump ahead)

  1. Location, Location, Location! Travelling time for the house surveyor can sometimes have an impact on the house survey cost. A house surveyor may look at travelling time, expected traffic, congestion charge (London) and parking costs before submitting a fee proposal. It can often work out economically better if you appoint a local building surveyor where the above factors are somewhat negated; however, this may not always be possible.

  2. Bungalow vs Mansion! The size of the property will always have a direct impact on the house survey cost. A large 8 bedroom converted barn will always cost more to survey than a 2 bedroom bungalow or 1 bedroom flat.

  3. Condition It has become increasingly common for house surveyors to ask for a zoopla or rightmove link of the property before they provide a cost. The house survey cost of an extremely rundown, derelict 2 bedroom house which is in poor condition may cost more than a house survey to a 4 bedroom terraced house in good condition. The more defects and faults to identify within a building means there is much more for the house surveyor to pick up, note and report back on, thus inflating the house survey cost.

Enough waffle, how much does a Building Survey cost?

Note: ZFN Chartered Surveyors have developed our own bespoke full building survey & structural and damp survey templates which are much more photographic, evidence-based and problem-solution styled type of reports than conventional building survey report templates.

Visit our quote page now to get a fee estimate for your Building Survey!


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