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Structural Survey London

We often are asked by clients to undertake a full structural survey, but what does it mean? and what does it involve? Can a firm of chartered building surveyors (like ZFN) offer the same structural analysis as a firm of structural engineers? 

We recently wrote a blog post for a full structural survey for a Victorian house in London that may supplement this article.

We normally find that clients want a great amount of structural reassurance as on the prospective house or flat that they are buying, and why not? After all, buying a property in London is a big deal. 

We also often find clients asking us to review legal land searches which may at times flag up subsidence, ground movement or ground stability issue. This then prompts clients to instruct for a structural survey.

You will be pleased to read that the building survey that ZFN Chartered Surveyors undertake does look at the structure of the building. Our building surveyors are trained to look out for common structural issues such as patterned cracking to structural and external walls, structural abnormalities to floors, walls and other important structural considerations. However, the client must always remember that whilst most chartered building surveyors who are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) would note such structural issues, in most cases, these will be referred for further monitoring and / or further investigation by a structural surveyor.




structural survey London


 I found ZFN by searching for surveyors near as I needed a survey done quickly. ZFN took the time to understand my issue and after talking me through with their advice, we agreed that a structural building survey would be best and they managed to fit in an inspection very quickly. The report was ready just a few days later (less than 5 days after the first contact) and my issue was solved. Followed up on all their promises and delivered a great end result. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again, if I need a building survey report in the future I know where I’ll turn.J Connor, London

Home buyers may wish do so some of the initial structural investigation themselves by:

1) Looking out for large diagonal cracks on external walls.
2) Looking for any bulging brickwork.
3) When inside the property, noticing if any floors exhibit signs of sloping.
4) Looking around structural openings (external windows and doors) for signs of any structural defects.
5) Looking at the external parts of the property for signs of the ground sinking or bulging up (ground heave).
6) Looking at adjoining and neighbouring properties for similar structural issues as its most likely that instable ground would affect a range of properties in close proximity
7) Lastly, having an open and honest conversation (over a cup of tea) with the seller who may share insightful knowledge and history about the property, any historic changes in its use or adaptations which may or may not cause further structural concerns.


ZFN Chartered Surveyors are happy to undertake a structural survey which takes a holistic view of the building.

cracks in wall 3.jpeg
Benefits of using ZFN 

With ZFN, you will get an impartial and professional opinion about one of the most important decisions you will make, whether to invest in a home or not. We are based in London and we would always recommend using surveyors near you to ensure that local building insight is covered and included.

As skilled, experienced and reliable chartered surveyors, based in London, you can get valuable advice about the condition of your prospective property but also any further enhancements that may enrich or improve the property.


Residential building surveys 

At ZFN our RICS Chartered Building Surveyors have experience with handling all kinds of buildings from bungalows, flats, houses, maisonettes and more. We create a highly skilful report that includes annotations, photos, technical overviews and costs for remedial work. This report is vital for owners and buyers and our clients are able to use it to make an informed judgement regarding the building and to negotiate a purchase price.


We also recommended that when researching surveyors, you look at surveyors nearest to you. Surveyors near you will usually be able to offer much more insight to the locality they cover; such as, local history, history of construction / house building and history of building materials used for construction.

Our goals

At ZFN Chartered Surveyors, we strive to be different. This is why many of our clients feel confident to drop us a whatsapp message with photos and videos of their property for free, impartial advice. We also love communicating! This means that we are usually happy to grab a call with you after the survey to discuss the main findings and give you our take on things.

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