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House Surveyor

A house survey provides a technical insight into a property and they are usually requested by prospective home buyers! In the UK, house surveys are generally referred to as building surveys or structural surveys and house surveyors (those who undertake the survey) are normally referred to as building surveyors.

ZFN Chartered Surveyors have developed our own bespoke house survey report template which gives prospective buyers the ability to learn about the condition of their property whilst also making them aware of any essential repair works and costs that they may need to be mindful about when they finally get the keys to their new home.

At ZFN chartered surveyors, we believe in making our reports meaningful and easy to understand for our clients. That's why our reports are full of photographs and we use annotations where required to make clear any defect or diagnosis. ZFN chartered surveyors are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or RICS.


Your designated house surveyor from ZFN chartered surveyors will happily grab a call with you after the survey to discuss key findings from the house survey.

Do I need a House Survey?

You might be wondering if you really need a house survey at all, especially if you are buying a home that looks to be in good condition?


The answer: Read our blog post where we walk through a house survey and see what we discover!

Our house surveyors have identified defects even in very new properties whilst on the other side of the spectrum, properties which are more than 120 years old have been found with minor or very few faults. As buying a house or a flat is normally a big decision, ZFN CHARTERED SURVEYORS are happy to help advise clients by reviewing photos and videos and sharing free advice on any potential issues or things to look out for. We offer this initial service free of charge!

Damp Survey

What is a House Surveyor?

  • A House Surveyor can provide technical building advice on existing and newly built houses. 

  • A House Surveyor is usually experienced in advising clients about the age, type and condition of typical house components such as the roof, windows, doors, floors, walls and ceilings, for example, elderly Victorian period houses were known to have lath and plaster ceilings with lime plaster!

  • A House Surveyor can share technical insight into building pathology and defect diagnosis. A common defect for houses in the UK is damp. An experienced surveyor would usually be able to pinpoint the cause of damp, for example a leaking gutter causing rainwater to cascade and saturate the external structural wall which in turn causes rainwater to ingress internally and adversely affect the internal building fabric.

  • A House Surveyor can also advise on regulatory compliance to the Building Regulations (for example if a structural wall may have been removed) and Planning (for example if a house has been developed, extended & converted)

ZFN Chartered Surveyors are regulated by The Royal Institution of Surveyors (RICS) is a world-recognised governing body for those working within the built environment.

House Survey Case Study

We undertook a house survey to a 1970s top floor flat which had suffered from flood damage. The house surveyor was able to establish where the water had come from and what it had damaged. ​

The house survey also informed the client of their next steps i.e. to advise the block owner to ensure they undertake effective repairs to the communal water tank system so this type of flood does not occur again.

The house surveyor also advised the flat owner what they could do to try and reclaim costs for damaged caused to their flat due to the flood.

The house survey also picked up asbestos! this meant that any future reinstatement works or insurance works would have to pay due attention to the asbestos to ensure it isn't unduly disturbed.

The client was worried about the condition of the roof ceiling joists as they had become excessively wet after the flood. The house surveyor concluded that the roof timber members were drying out and were still structurally sound.



We used ZFN for a house survey on a house we are buying. The service was great and very fast, they were able to accommodate our survey within a few days and we received our detailed and informative report a couple of days after that. Would recommend. H Bacon, London

Great surveyor team that was responsive and flexible when we needed a house survey at short notice. The team are very friendly and gave some great advice on key things to look out for ahead of our second viewing of the property. The quality of the reports is excellent too - written in plain English with clear, supported recommendations for remedial work. Speaking of recommendations, I would say that if you need a house surveyor, look no further than ZFN! A Umarji,, London

ZFN were incredibly responsive. We needed a quick turnaround house survey and they managed to make it all happen at short notice with no delay. Very friendly and thorough in their inspection which was reassuring, especially as a first time buyer. I couldn't recommend them enough. A Jones,, London


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