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Customer Privacy Policy

Your Information

The information you provide in our Fee Estimate form is used to give you an approximate price  of a building survey, undertaken by ZFN Construction Consultants Ltd.

It is not mandatory to enter a contact telephone number, you may enter 1234 if this field is not applicable.

The same applies for the survey address, you may wish to share the full address or you may just enter the postcode.

The information you submit provides you an instant fee estimate on the next page. 
The form is e-mailed to us where a surveyor can pick it up and contact you directly via e-mail or telephone (if provided) to finalise your fee estimate.

We do not share your details with anyone nor do we automatically subscribe you to any mailing lists. To confirm, your data will never be sold to anyone and we do not have any marketing partners either.

We normally delete all customer data after 12 months.

Your rights

If you are not happy with your information being processed in this way, you can contact us and ask us to delete your data immediately. E:


Concerns and complaints

If you have any concerns, in the first instance this should be brought to our attention via  email: or by calling: 0207 862 6363. 

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